km-mettapair150_colorPretty Lady is the alter ego of artist and designer Stephanie Lee Jackson. She was originally conceived as a picaresque embodiment of Absolute Femininity; promiscuous, affectionate, and utterly without ego. During the late GWB administration, she gained notoriety in both the New York art world and the evangelical blogosphere as a purveyor of sex tips, dating advice and sociopolitical commentary, with a side of transpersonal spirituality.

After the birth of her daughter in 2009, she took a sabbatical from blogging while building two businesses (Practical Bodywork and Practical Sanctuary), and wrestling with a Bad Relationship of epic proportions. Known for her questionable choices in partners, she had often mulled the topic of Losers and the Leaving thereof. Now she expands her research to interview women struggling in the aftermath of catastrophic breakups.

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