Rude, Crude and Cognitively Disruptive

Cathy answers her own question: Pretty lady! I think I have another loser on my hands. He always blames me for everything, and he picks fights, which I am supposed to just endure silently BC when I stand against his bully behavior, he says I am the worst, despite me not asking to get insulted.

This Is How You Do It, Ladies.

This fellow on Reddit believes he has been betrayed: Two years ago my girlfriend and I had a small DV incident where I hit her. It was wrong of me. I completely owned it and apologized. I was incensed about something I found on her phone but that is absolutely not excuse. She left for

Am I With a Loser?

Loser: it seems an Extreme Term. Many of you dears have asked about it. “Pretty Lady,” they say, “how can you be so cruel? We know you to be the veritable embodiment of Forgiveness and Light. How, then, is this? Is the world ending?” These are excellent questions. But do not despair. All of us,

How To Deal With Impotent Rage

“He ignores everything I do that expresses pain.” –Letitia, whose still-husband displays photos of newest girlfriend on Facebook   Are you caught up in a feedback loop of circular fisticuffs? Do you find yourself texting a manifesto when you should be chairing a board meeting? Are you starting to doubt your own mental stability? Darling,